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Who made it happen?

Hear from real people who made Empower Extraordinary’s success possible.

Shashi and Margaret Gupta
“The idea struck us that, it would be neat if we could perpetuate the values on which we built our company. Which are: excellence, integrity, and human dignity.”

Shashi and Margaret Gupta Shashi (’75, Broad College of Business and ’80, College of Social Science) and Margaret Gupta operate their business, Apex CoVantage, on the principles of human dignity, integrity, and excellence. The two applied this same ideology to the establishment of a $2.5 million endowed fund to create the Gupta Values Scholarship.

April Clobes
“MSUFCU has selected a variety of programs across the campus that range from academic, to civic engagement, to defined scholarships, to arts and cultural programs, and these events and programs are designed to help the community have a broader, richer experience.”

April Clobes April Clobes (’94, Business; ’00, Communication Arts and Sciences) has been the president and CEO of Michigan State University Federal Credit Union since March 2015. Ms. Clobes serves on the MSU College of Music National Leadership Council, the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum Advisory Board, and the MSU Eli Broad College of Business Alumni Board. MSUFCU has an asset size of over $4 billion, 265,000 members worldwide, 865 employees, and 18 branch locations throughout Michigan.

Doug and Maria Bayer
“Michigan State had really been an important component of setting the direction of our lives and we should reward that. Over the course of 10–20 years we’d hope that the work that we funded through this would make some contribution in some way to being able to feed the people of the world for a long time.”

Doug and Maria Bayer The Bayers — Doug (’68, M, Natural Science; ’70, PhD, Natural Science), a retired software engineer, and Maria (’67, Education), a former teacher — are passionate about environmental issues and also committed to improving the lives of people around the world. During the Empower Extraordinary campaign, they established the Doug and Maria Bayer New Initiatives Fund for Sustainable Agriculture, and contributed to numerous programs at MSU.

Lei Tung
“It was important to give back to MSU because it was such a great academic home for my father and mother — they both found a very supportive environment. ”

Lei Tung Lei Tung’s father, the late Dr. Wu-Ki Tung (1939–2009), taught and conducted research at MSU from 1992–2007. To honor his memory, the family created the Wu-Ki Tung Endowed Professorship in Particle Physics, to support future faculty members who share a passion for particle physics research, scientific collaboration, and collegiality. The family also provides funding for student support.

Eleanor Beckert
“My husband took 10 years to graduate because he didn’t have the money to continue. I set up these scholarships so that music students don’t have to interrupt their schooling to work.”

Eleanor Beckert Eleanor Beckert (’40, Natural Science) is a longtime donor who created an endowed scholarship and fellowship fund in 1995. During the Empower Extraordinary campaign, she created two additional endowments — the Roger Welton Endowed Scholarship for Woodwind Students and the Welton Family Endowed Fund for String Students.

Susan Goldberg
“It was the training that I got at MSU that allowed me, as a summer intern, to be successful from day one, and I have always been grateful for that and I’ve never forgotten that.”

Susan Goldberg A career journalist, Susan Goldberg (’84, Communication Arts and Sciences; ’15, MSU Honorary Doctor of Humanities) is the first female executive editor of National Geographic magazine. During the Empower Extraordinary campaign, she established the Susan B. Goldberg Journalism Internship Award to help student-journalists take advantage of internships, some of which are unpaid.

Joan Claffey and Tony Meyer
“We decided to direct our gift to ISP to encourage students from any discipline to pursue careers in international development. We both did work in developing countries as students, and that experience changed our lives and helped shape us and lead us to careers in international development, and we want to support that same kind of transformative experience for new students.”

Joan Claffey and Tony Meyer After long, successful careers in international development, Dr. Joan Claffey (’69, Social Science; ’82, Education) and her husband Dr. Anthony Meyer, established an endowment housed in ISP to support MSU juniors, seniors, and graduate students who are addressing critical human needs around the globe, such as food security, environmental quality, health and nutrition, and education.

Alan and Rebecca Ross
“We feel it’s really important that everyone has art in their life, whether it’s music, or sculpture, anything that moves them and makes them happy and enhances their environment.”

Alan and Rebecca Ross Alan (’77 cum laude, Agriculture and Natural Resources) and Rebecca Ross are serial entrepreneurs, and their largest business is the Livonia based Gallagher Fire Equipment. They have significant real estate investments across the U.S., and have formed MSUCribs, a management company with a portfolio of student housing in East Lansing. During the Empower Extraordinary campaign, they established the Alan and Rebecca Ross Exhibition Endowment to benefit the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum and the Alan and Rebecca Ross Program Endowment for S.A.S.S. to support Intercollegiate Athletics.

Chuck and Gloria Fricke
“Our long-term goal was to fund the education of people who take care of our companion animals, therefore we are helping the people and we’re helping the animals. We found that MSU was able to meet that need at the College of Veterinary Medicine.”

Chuck and Gloria Fricke Donors Chuck and Gloria Fricke believe in supporting their local and larger community. Though they are not MSU alumni, they established the Charles R. Fricke Endowed Scholarship Fund to benefit companion animals and people. They believe in thoughtful estate planning and using charitable gift annuities to further their philanthropy.

Tina Aguirre
“I fell in love with MSU the moment I set foot on campus, and it’s been an ongoing love affair ever since.”

Tina Aguirre A longtime donor, Tina Aguirre (’74, Business), knows the importance of helping others through philanthropy. During the Empower Extraordinary campaign, she created three endowments — the Hank Aguirre Baseball Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund in memory of her late husband, along with the Tina Aguirre Men’s Basketball Endowed Scholarship Fund and the Tina Aguirre Endowed Scholarship in Business. She continues to provide annual gifts to many other areas at MSU.

We are forever grateful

See how private support is transforming lives at Michigan State.

Amy Simon
“This was 100% my dream job, I could not have imagined this job. To come to a place that valued Holocaust studies enough to make an endowed position...that commitment is really special.”

Amy Simon Professor Simon holds the William and Audrey Farber Family Chair in Holocaust Studies and European Jewish History, participating in James Madison College, the Department of History, and Jewish Studies. Her research examines victim representations of perpetrators in Yiddish diaries written in the Warsaw, Lodz, and Vilna ghettos during World War II.

Ashley Maloff
“This office provided me with a lot of support when I was a student. I am passionate about working with students with disabilities...I was very excited to come back to a place that gave so much to me. I am forever grateful for the Gilberts.”

Ashley Maloff Ashley Maloff (’12, Education) shares how her professional career was influenced by her personal journey. An Ability Access Specialist at the Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities (RCPD), her position—extremely valuable to the population she serves—was funded by a gift from Dan (’83, Communication Arts and Sciences) and Jennifer Gilbert (’90, Agriculture and Natural Resources).

Brian Lewerke
“If I were to say something back to the people that gave me this scholarship opportunity I would just say ‘thank you.’ This is the opportunity of a lifetime.”

Brian Lewerke MSU football quarterback Brian Lewerke talks about his love of Michigan State and the gratitude he has for scholarship support, through the generosity of John (’82, Broad College of Business) and Becky (’82, Natural Science, Honors College) Duffey.

Sanjay Gupta
“Our alumni have rallied around supporting faculty and staff, students and programs. And when you bring these together, that’s when we’re able to create special student experiences.”

Sanjay Gupta Sanjay Gupta, dean of the Broad College of Business, discusses how the Empower Extraordinary campaign brought the college’s community together to make an enormous impact on business students’ futures.

Chris Contag
“By supporting these faculty, you are supporting the knowledge of the past that informs the future. You are ensuring the health of our planet and the longevity of our people. You’re improving food production and the way we distribute resources. There’s no fund in the world that will give you a better return on your investment.”

Chris Contag James and Kathy Cornelius Chair of Biomedical Engineering Christopher Contag expresses why endowed faculty positions are the gold standard of faculty distinction and recognition—and why he left his “dream job” at Stanford to pursue big, world-changing research questions at Michigan State.

Clare O’Kane
“I wouldn’t be able to be studying or doing anything that I’m doing right now without the generosity of Michigan State...I think that’s really shaped what I’m going to be doing for the rest of my life.”

Clare O’Kane When alumna Clare O’Kane (’16, James Madison) was a student, she traveled to Tanzania to participate in the Tanzania Partnership Program, a privately-funded program that uses research to address clean water issues for people living there.

Cynthia Jackson-Elmoore
“During this campaign, we established 27 new endowments that allow us to fund 77 additional Honors College students. And so I’m really excited about that, and thankful to the donors.”

Cynthia Jackson-Elmoore Dr. Cynthia Jackson-Elmoore, dean of the Honors College, discusses how the Empower Extraordinary campaign has made a difference for the university’s best and brightest students.

Daniela Diaz
“I think the fact that somebody trusted me and gave me the chances to have access to everything I’ve been able to do at Michigan State, really changed my perspective.”

Daniela Diaz Violinist and Venezuelan-born Daniela Diaz talks about meeting and knowing the donors who funded her scholarship, Ronald and Helen Priest, and how her path to Michigan State has made her stronger to serve others in her community.

Debra Furr-Holden
“If you want to know where people’s values are, you look to see where they spend their resources. So when people endow positions the way the Mott Foundation endowed these positions at Michigan State? It’s a clear indication that this matters.”

Debra Furr-Holden Debra Furr-Holden, the C.S. Mott Endowed Professor of Public Health based at the College of Human Medicine in Flint, discusses how endowed faculty resources send a clear signal that the work being done is valued and important.

Demi Yang
“I’ve been given so much by MSU—by the faculty, by donors. The Honors College allows me to have a lot of flexibility with the classes I’m able to I’m able to spend more time on things I’m passionate about.”

Demi Yang Senior and entrepreneur Demi Yang is studying supply chain management at the Eli Broad College of Business. She discusses how scholarship support has not only removed the financial burden of tuition, but has freed her time to pursue what will help her future career.

Devin Vogel
“Thank you so much for plays a huge role not only in my future, but also the society I’m trying to impact.”

Devin Vogel Senior Devin Vogel is studying engineering and has big dreams to help create new forms of solar energy and fuel cell technologies for the auto industry. The Cole Excellence Scholarship, given through the Honors College, is allowing Devin to pursue his passions and shape the future he envisions.

Emma Wright
“For me, I’m so thankful for the scholarship because it made such a difference. It’s really taken so much stress off my shoulders about monetary issues, and I’m able to take summer classes because of the scholarship.”

Emma Wright Although she was accepted at the University of Michigan, Emma Wright ultimately chose Michigan State’s nursing program as her career path—and the Honors College was the deciding factor.

Gwen Dease
“I would reiterate how big of an impact it’s going have on students. They are going to have more time, they’re going to have better’s going to make a huge difference in the College of Music.”

Gwen Dease Passionate about educating the next generation of musicians, Gwen Dease—professor and chair of percussion at the College of Music—talks about how transformative spaces made possible through private support will forever change the way students learn to play music.

Johnny Choi
“I’m beyond thrilled and so grateful for her generosity. It’s given me a new perspective on how I can help others.”

Johnny Choi Nursing major and Honors College junior Johnny Choi talks about meeting his scholarship donor, Susan Lucken, and how much their relationship has influenced his academic and personal life. Johnny calls Susan a “role model” to follow and look up to.

Monique Noel
“What that (the fellowship) really enabled me to do is, really focus more on my studies, on my classes, focus more on my teaching responsibilities, because I do love to teach, as well as focus on my research.”

Monique Noel A Cape Coral, Florida native, Monique Noel is a graduate student studying computational organic chemistry at MSU’s College of Natural Science. Her education is being funded in part by the Rogowski Endowed Chemistry Graduate Fellowship, and she talks about how the fellowship has assisted her academic career.

Norman J. Beauchamp, Jr.
“The Empower Extraordinary campaign has fueled our education and research mission in ways that are essential to fully engaging the innovation cycle. We now find ourselves positioned today, and going into the future, to be a leader in health care transformation.”

Norman J. Beauchamp, Jr. College of Human Medicine Dean Norm Beauchamp talks about how MSU’s capital campaign has allowed the college to do more of what it does best: transform health through the best in education and research, to ultimately affect clinical care.

Stacy Slobodnik-Stoll
“Thank you for believing in us. I think when you have donors that truly believe in your program, in your student-athletes, and you as a coach, it is a humbling feeling.”

Stacy Slobodnik-Stoll At the helm of the Michigan State women’s golf team, Stacy Slobodnik-Stoll has established the program as a regional and national powerhouse. In her 21 seasons as head coach, the driven former Spartan player has led the Spartans to 19 NCAA Regional appearances and is a five-time Big Ten Coach of the Year.

William Murphy
“Mario had a lot of the things that I was working toward...being able to meet Mario and have him as a mentor really meant a lot for me, opened a lot of doors.”

William Murphy William Murphy is a junior studying marketing at the Eli Broad College of Business. An entrepreneur from Detroit, William talks about how his scholarship donor—Helen Dashney, a staff member at the college—impacted his personal academic journey. Helen established the Mario McLean Scholarship, named after alumnus Mario McLean (’15, Communication Arts and Sciences).

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Shashi and Margaret Gupta
“The idea struck us that, it would be neat if we could perpetuate the values on which we built our company. Which are: excellence, integrity, and human dignity.”
Shashi and Margaret Gupta Shashi (’75, Broad College of Business and ’80, College of Social Science) and Margaret Gupta operate their business, Apex CoVantage, on the principles of human dignity, integrity, and excellence. The two applied this same ideology to the establishment of a $2.5 million endowed fund to create the Gupta Values Scholarship.