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Major Accomplishments

Below is an overview of accomplishments and final totals made possible through your support.


$1.74B Raised

251,309 Donors

300+ Campaign Volunteers

See the Change

Get a clear picture of the campaign’s impact on individual colleges and units by selecting an option from the drop-down menu below.

$185748515M Raised

23837 Donors

83% To Goal

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Spartans Stepped Up

Spartans in various regions stepped up by volunteering and supporting the campaign. Take a look at the below list to see where—and from whom—these gifts came from.

Michigan $889.4M • 183,074 donors
Outside Michigan $870.5M • 68,235 donors
$11.3M • 1,554 donors
Detroit/SE Michigan
$211.4M • 49,374 donors
$341.7M • 52,921 donors
New York
$77.3M • 2,981 donors
San Francisco
$32.1M • 1,300 donors
$49.4M • 7,504 donors
Grand Rapids
$113.3M • 21,366 donors
Los Angeles
$58.5M • 2,163 donors
$10.77M • 1,384 donors
Washington, DC
$42.9M • 3,330 donors